Caption Story Release Schedule

Updated July 15, 2017

This is the release schedule for my upcoming caption stories, which will only be available to my Patreon Supporters.  For more information on what's already available, please click HERE.

October 31 - Selfish

When he flunks out of college, a young man is kicked out of his parents' house.  Out of options, he shows up on his childhood best friend's doorstep, looking for a place to live.  When Halloween rolls around, she convinces him to wear a female costume, which awakens a side of him he never knew existed.  Features Ivy Aura.

November 7 - Sharmuta 

Featuring Nadia Ali, this story focuses on a man who is kidnapped while vacationing in Morocco.  After his abduction, he's tortured, feminized, and sold to a Middle Eastern man.  Once there, he's forced to function as one of the man's wives.

November 21 - Gemini Sequel

A sequel to Gemini, this story focuses on a middle-aged man who's diagnosed with terminal cancer.  When he tells his daughter, she suggests a radical solution: participation in the Gemini contest, the premise of which is for couples or family members to become identical to one another.  In this case, he must assume his daughter's appearance.  It features Leah Gotti.

December 1 - Male Pregnancy Story

After failing to get pregnant, a couple must confront the fact that they'll never have children.  However, hope blooms when they're offered the chance to participate in a radical new treatment which will guarantee a fix for their problem.  Soon, it's revealed that the husband is going to be the one to carry the child.  Featuring Mary Jane Johnson.

December 15 - Dream Trilogy Part 3

Featuring Lucy Doll, Lilly Rader, and Piper Perri, this story focuses on a brothel which houses a trio of young men who've been forced into feminization (and prostitution).

December 29 - A Christmas Story

Undetermined cast or premise.

The following are tentative, because they're a little ways away.  I'll release more information (and a more concrete schedule as we get closer to the new year.

January 2018 - Sissy Slut Story

A young man, fresh out of high school, is seduced by his step-uncle, which sets off a series of events leading to his full feminization.  Featuring Zoe Kush.

January 2018 - Betting Story

This one will follow a man whose wife gets in over her head with a bookie, and runs away, leaving him to deal with the consequences.  The bookie offers him a chance to make everything right.

February 2018 - Bachelor Party Story

After a wild bachelor party in which the protagonist and his friend sleep with a stripper, the two men begin to change.  Soon, they realize that the change is contagious, and they have a strong desire to spread the "disease".

February 2018 - Superhero Story

After finding a mysterious suit, a young man is blessed with awesome powers.  However, after a few weeks of using the suit, he changes from superhero to super-heroine.

March 2018 - Political Story

A conservative, gay politician is convinced that, in order to progress in politics, he can't be seen as homosexual.  Rather than give up the love of his life, he convinces his partner to play the part of a woman.

March 2018 - Cheerleader Story

After claiming that cheerleading isn't a sport, a young man loses a bet, ending up as a cheerleader.

April 2018 - Gender Role Reversal Story

After a global catastrophe, the world's population is confined to huge, domed cities.  However, life is mostly normal - except for the fact that everyone (men and women) has a penis.  Follow Emma, an otherwise normal woman, as she discovers the shocking truth of her world.

April 2018 - Popularity Story

When a girl's mother asks her to help her unpopular cousin fit in as a freshman in college, she takes it upon herself to make some much needed changes.

May 2018 - Mother/Son Swap Story

I've had this one in mind for a while, but I've never quite gotten around to it.  As the temporary title suggests, it'll deal with a son taking his mother's place.  I intend for it to star India Summer.

May 2018 - Role Reversal Story

A man is tricked into turning over his company to his trophy wife.  Once she has control of the finances, she starts making new rules.

June 2018 - Jealous Brother Story

A young dweeb is jealous of his popular sister, and decides to emulate her.

June 2018 - Executive Story

An up-and-coming ad executive loses a promotion to a rival, prompting him to rethink his strategy for advancement.  When he notices how quickly the women of the company are climbing the ladder, he decides to make a few changes to his life.

July 2018 - Fraternity Story

After a one too many parties gets out of control, the members of a fraternity face expulsion.  To avoid being expelled, they agree to a very creative punishment.

July 2018 - Car Salesman Story

When a new company buys out the car dealership where a young salesman works, they start cleaning house, and replacing the sales staff with women.  When they get to our protagonist, however, they offer him the chance to keep his job - so long as he follows the new dress code.

August 2018 - Actor Story

A former teen heartthrob is anxious to become a more serious actor.  In order to gain the respect of his contemporaries, he tackles a difficult role - that of a transgender high school girl.  In order to truly get into the mind of his character, he goes full method, and enrolls at a local high school.

August 2018 - Girl-a-Matic Story

The latest installment in the Girl-a-Matic Guides to Feminization

September 2018 - Sister Sabotage Story

In an effort to as her father's heir, a woman sabotages her brother's chances by framing him as a sissy.

September 2018 - Swords and Sorcery Story

A group of warriors is feminized by an evil sorceress.

October 2018 - Basketball Story

This story focuses on a basketball player who, towards the end of his stellar career, begins to transform into a young white girl. Undetermined cast.  This one's not going to be easy from a visual perspective, so I may have to substitute another story in here.

October 2018 - Ex-Husband Story

A little over a year after a woman divorces her husband, her neighbor's new girlfriend moves in with him...and she's strikingly familiar.

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